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Our VSOP is a unique blend of eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne, the Cognac AOC’s most prestigious terroirs, combined to create a Fine Champagne Cognac.

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The eaux-de-vie mature in French oak barrels before being blended by our Cellar Master in true Cognac tradition.

Cognac De Luze VSOP. 


Vanilla, dried plum, candied fruit, cinnamon, chocolate.

Food pairing

Red meat (rib of beef), full-flavored cheese (Roquefort) or chocolate-based desserts.


Serving suggestions

Add a drop of sparkling water or serve in cocktails, neat, or over crushed ice. Perfect for pre- or postdinner drinks.

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For a VSOP moment

Invite your closest friends for a glass of Cognac and some delicious food – we recommend a good cut of meat.


Our range

Cognac De Luze VS.

Fresh and tasty, our Cognac De Luze VS will highlight your cocktails or accompany your salty and light dishes.


Cognac De Luze XO.

Our Cognac De Luze XO has a unique finesse and elegance on the palate. Enjoy it neat at room temperature, over a single small ice cube, or served in a chilled glass.


Cognac De Luze EXTRA.

Taste the finest with our EXTRA, blended with eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne, aged until they reach their peak of flavor.

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Cognac De Luze VS.
Cognac De Luze XO.
Cognac De Luze EXTRA.

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Visits & Tastings

Learn more about the finesse of our Cognac De Luze and how it’s made, from the grape to the glass.

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