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Visit & Taste Cognac De Luze

Learn more about the finesse of our Cognac De Luze and how it’s made, from the grape to the glass. Visit one of the largest family distilleries in Cognac, the aging cellars and extend the experience with a tasting of our Fine Champagne cognacs.


Visits & Tastings

Discover the finesse and the secrets of the elaboration of Cognac De Luze through our distillery, our aging cellars and our tastings.

Cognac De Luze Immersion – VSOP & XO

Discover Cognac De Luze’s fine and delicates flavours through its History and its elaboration from the vine to the glass.

Cognac De Luze Panoramic Tasting

Enjoy our Cognac De Luze Fine Champagne range VSOP, XO and Extra paired with gastronomic bouchées in an iconic place, for a special timeless experience.

Outstanding cognac experiences

Dive into the world of Cognac De Luze and delight your senses with outstanding cognac tours, complete with food pairings, cocktail workshops and unexpected locations.

Cognac De Luze Gastronomic Journey – Food Pairing

From the production site’s visit to a unique meal experience, embark on a gourmet journey and discover the refined associations between De Luze cognacs and meal in the heart of a bistronomic restaurant.

Cognac De Luze Ultimate Odyssey

A mesmerazing discovery from the House’s know-how with the meeting with Infini, our special cuvée created with unique centenary year-old blending and 4 passionate required generations.

Hospitality Team

Our Visits team will be delighted to welcome you during your journey. Passionate people about Cognac, their region and local products, they will be happy to answer your questions and offer you a timeless experience.


Thomas, Hospitality Manager


Virginie, Hospitality Officer


Kevine, Hospitality Officer Assistant